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The Smartest Choice
For Travel Companies

As a Travel company, you are most likely spending millions on online campaigns to gain international brand awareness and generate direct bookings to your site... which is okay but there is something else you could be doing to get your brand out there and generate sales!

And what is that something else? Have you heard about Performance Marketing?
Let us tell you all about it
and what it can do for you!


Running your online campaign on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Model is so simple! No investment needed to launch the campaign, no initial costs.

Your brand will be exposed to thousands of websites around the world, and what´s best is you will only have to pay a commission when the advertising leads to a sale on your site. Your ROI is assured.


Managing a Performance Marketing Campaign is time consuming. You need an expert team to set up the campaigns in multiple platforms, recruit partners, monitor creativities and sales and make payments to your partners. Don’t waste your time.

Let AffiliRed do this work for you so you can spend your valuable time on other important tasks.


This is the best thing of all about our model. CPA is a risk-free advertising.

You will only pay once your client has used your services and paid for them.

Don‘t waste your time and money trying to do what we’ve successfully been doing for 10 years.

We are the experts in this field, so let us show you how it should be done!